About MacBruger

The MacBruger membership provides you access to a network of Macusers in Denmark. We also organize various arrangements and you will recieve our members magazine DobbeltKlik, published four times per year.

We arrange two workshops per year, where members can meet to strengthen the Mac network. Workshops can have themes, e.g. "Mac OS X", "wireless network" or "safety on the Mac"

As a member of MacBruger you are given access to a wide range of benefits:

Welcoming package - List of members - Website - Workshops - Evening arrangements with a theme - Seminars - The members magazine, DobbeltKlik - Technical support.

Throughout the years many of MacBrugers members have maintained their membership, and they appreciate the support and the pleasant friendships which arises amongst members.

You become a member by paying DKkr. 200 via postal account no. 7 49 52 69, attending MacBruger, c/o Ove Jensen, Mariehøj 108, 2990 Nivå, DK.

MacBruger creates networks and contacts between members for your benefit and for the joy of other members.